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VNC Systems is an India based web development company with headquarters in IT hub Gurgoan. We are a team of highly qualified professionals. We are providing these web services in gurgaon like web development, web designing, internet marketing etc.

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I am a recent and very happy customer. I purchased a Basic Reseller Package and I’m glad to say that it must have been the best buy. I could have ever made this year. This solution you guys offer BY FAR has to be THE BEST. It’s so automated and so easy to use. I won’t lie, at the beginning I had trouble understanding it but once I got the hang of it.
Web Development
  • Web Design @ Rs. 4500/-
  • Web Development Dynamic pages
  • Other Plans
Now you can have your website designed in just Rs 4500/- or USD 90 only. In this you will get 4 pages design template and sliced pages ready to use.


VNC Systems is offering various plans that best suited to your budget. Now you can have a Dynamic website in just Rs. 30000/- (600 $ USD).

Your Dynamic website can do this for you.
  1. Accept information from visitors.
  2. Tracking Users.
  3. Submitting or uploading of files on the server.
  4. Use of Dynamic weidgets on your site
  5. Any type of calculation you wants your page to perform on user information submission
Apart from this if want us to make a customized plan right according to your need then you can contact us anytime.

In dynamic website there would be a vast option according to your needs; whether you want your visitor to upload all his/her information into the database or you want your visitor to upload his/her resume onto your server with all required information. If there is something you want to add into your dynamic website then we can customize our plan according to your needs.

So just contact us further information…
Web Designing Rates

  • Home Page + 5 Additional Pages @ Rs 5500/-
  • Home Page + 10 Additional Pages @ Rs 8500/-
  • Home Page + 15 Additional Pages @ Rs 12500/-
  • Home Page + 25 Additional Pages @ Rs 15500/-
  • Home Page + 30 Additional Pages @ Rs 18500/-
  • Home Page + 40 Additional Pages @ Rs 24500/-
  • Home Page + 50 Additional Pages @ Rs 30500/-
Web Development term is really a broad term where it’s having different segment like web design, web-development, e-commerce, client-side/server-side scripting, web server configuration & business development. However, almost all web professional refer website development only to code a module or a website, writing markup using html; website design is not so important for them.

“Web Development”, for organizations or businesses can consist of hundreds of web developers and for a small company there can be only one developer who is on permanent or contractual basis. But if we consider website development as a whole it cover web designing too. If we are not providing excellent services to a visitor then without a good graphical representation we can’t sure the comeback of a visitor on our website. But only good design doesn’t guaranty of visitor to come back. So both “Web Development” & “Web Designing” is like the sides of a coin.

Area of Web Development

We can split Web Development into many categories but we are limiting it to these.
  • Client-Side Coding

    • Flash (Macromedia Flash is a client-side platform)
    • Ajax (Brand new way to use JavaScript, XML, PHP and lots of other languages)
    • JavaScript (JavaScript is a ubiquitous client side programming tool)
    • Microsoft Silverlight (It enable animation, vector graphics, HD video playback on your browser)

  • Server-Side Coding

    • ASP (Active Server Pages)
    • CGI/PERL (Open Source)
    • ColdFusion (Adobe)
    • Java, J2EE or  WebObject
    • PHP (Open – Source)
    • Python (Open - Source)
    • Ruby, Ruby On Rail (Open – Source)
    • SSJS, Seaside, AIDA/Web Aptana Jaxer, Mozilla Rhino
    • Websphere (IBM)
    • .NET (Microsoft)

    These are some of top server-side technologies that we use in web development for our clients
    • Web development in PHP
    • Web development in.Net
    • Web development in Java

    The main function of these dynamic script languages to serve the data in a relevant way useful to its user or visitors. And for that web-developers use to store data into databases.

    Some of the databases are:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • DB2
    • Firebird
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • SQLite
    • PostgreSQL

    Mostly web hosting service provider provides MySQL & Microsoft SQL Server as prime database facility to its developers.

  • Security Consideration:

  • Web-development takes into account many security issues such as SQL Injection also known as filtering outputs, data entry checkup through forms and encryption, SQL Insertion. SQL Insertion is used by the users for bad practice such as data theft like email collection, access to the database of credit card number etc.

    Some security issue is dependent with the server environment (mostly Microsoft IIS or Apache) on which the scripting languages like PHP, ASP, Python and Ruby is running and therefore is not down to the web developers to maintain. But it is good to have a stringent exercise with your web application before deploying it on the server.

    Making a web-server safe from the people who always try to hack it is often called Server Port Hardening. Differ techniques are there when keeping information on the internet safe like SSL, Content encryption are somehow very useful while flow of data on the internet. An individual web developer or a web development team must have the basic knowledge of security regarding internet information technology.

    Web applications are always vulnerable towards internet threats even after deep testing and launch. It is the prior job of a web development team or of a web developer to keep applications up-to-date as new patches is released day by day.

    VNC SYSTEMS takes pride in its Web designing and Web development team. Leveraging our experience with almost 2000 client organizations and their Website designing initiatives and combining it with latest Web technologies, our Team ensures a vibrant and international standard Web business model for your company. Our competence and cost effectiveness lies in the knowledge capital and process-orientation developed by our Team over half a decade and 2000 web projects.

    We would be eager to partner you in your web design and website development initiative. Please contact us at so our Consulting Team can meet you and offer powerful business solutions and value.
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