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About VNC Systems Company
VNC Systems is a web design, web development and Internet Marketing company we are also dealing in web hosting and Domain Registration. we are into this business since 2002. Since the year of inception we have grown from one website to thousands.

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I am a recent and very happy customer. I purchased a Basic Reseller Package and I’m glad to say that it must have been the best buy. I could have ever made this year. This solution you guys offer BY FAR has to be THE BEST. It’s so automated and so easy to use. I won’t lie, at the beginning I had trouble understanding it but once I got the hang of it.
About Our Company
What is web-designing, development, and Internet Marketing well let us explain to you... Web design is to create a web site that presents content to the visitors in the form of web pages upon request. Such elements as text, forms, and images can be placed on the page using various scripting languages like Jscript, JavaScript, C#, PHP, or ASP.Displaying more complex media and data (flash animations, videos, sounds and dynamic data) usually requires expert hands. At VNC Systems we take care of every aspect of Web-Designing and Web-Development.

It is only because of our strong values that we are among the best choices in whole NCR as well as India. We are also dealing in Online Promotion on which we are having strong grip on it to provide best internet experience to our clients. We are having a dedicating team of professional people for Internet Marketing jobs. Our team continuously works with various modes like On-Page optimization and Off-Page Optimization for the outcome which really helps our clients in growing their business internationally.

We are also among the best choice for domain registration and web-hosting in India as well. Our business potential can be understood from the fact that we add one new server every 6 months and till date booked 5000+ domains with various registrars in USA. The infrastructure cost is about a million per annum except the cost of servers we lease and collocate.

There are four levels of security for physical access to our securely hosted servers and equipments on data center. As regards to servers it is a combination of firewall on network routers and switches, dedicated network firewall such as Net screen, Checkpoint, Cisco Pix, Watch guard firewall's, and software firewall on each server. Servers are secured by VPN, SSL, and SSH.

We use top brand high performance reliable equipment and servers. At present we have 26 dedicated servers links of our own and can cater to millions of hits at any given time.

Our servers are on network which is 100% Cisco network. We use Cisco routers and Cisco switches. No hubs!. We use only up-to-date powerful servers. Unlike some low-end server hosting companies, we do not use any Celeron, AMD and Cyrix chips. We do not use any IDE hard drives. We use only Intel chips designed for servers. We use only SCSI hard drives. The data center where we host is into business before 1996 and has connections to 5 best bandwidth providers in USA.

The infrastructure where servers are located is scalable to Multi-Gigabit Internet network currently serves over 10-billion hits a month. Hosting thousands of Internet servers, network routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and can accommodate large server farms, data cages, and even private suites.

We have 35+ people who are already managing the services of same sort since long. We are very well equipped and at present manage 5000+ domains and 2000+ live websites on our servers.

We host our websites only on Servers with Genuine Intel Pentium Server and use SCSI Drive as against IDE drives used by many service providers. Mostly all our Windows servers are DUAL Pentium Processors and have 2 GB + RAM. To enlighten further we can claim top of the line services on our web hosting packages as we host not more than 200-300 websites per server as against industry standard of 400-500 websites on one server.
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